Learn to play to a metronome. All performances must be tracked to a click. Record your live performances or band practices ahead of time to document song structure, tempos, and time signatures. Schedule each band member accordingly, we won't need every person to be on site for the entirety of the tracking process. Practice, practice, practice.


Please take your guitars and basses to a professional for a proper setup including new strings, intonation, neck relief, pickup height, string height, and new batteries. Bring enough strings to change out all strings once per day. Practice, practice, practice.

For more information, check out this article on Reverbnation:

10 Things To Do Before Recording Guitar


- Song structures should be finalized

- Tempos and tempo changes should be finalized

- Time signatures and signature changes should be finalized

- Send me the tempo maps, guitar stems, and reference tracks at least a week in advance

- The ability to track to a click with or without the accompaniment of the guitars is a huge bonus

- Replace as many batter and resonance heads as you can the night before (if not using samples)

- Bring at least 2 people to help you load in and set up

- Record band practices in advance to identify problem areas

- Book time in advance to drop off drums to acclimate to the studio

- Have at least one other band member available to help you quality control your takes while tracking

- Be well rested and hydrated

- repair or replace all noisy hardware and broken cymbals

- Have food delivered to the studio

- Show up on time LOL

- practice, practice, practice!


Get plenty of vocal rest before your studio session. Please do not attempt to change your eating/drinking habits or quit smoking. Let your vocals rest between tracking sessions. Practice, practice, practice.


If you'll be submitting raw multitracks for editing, please ensure the following. Turn off all effects and plugins on each track and the master bus. Export each track as a single Mono WAV file. Name each track starting with the instrument such as Drum Overhead, Guitar Rhythm, Vocal Lead... Export all tracks for each song starting at the beginning of the song and ending once the song is complete. Better yet, if you can, track all songs in a single session. This will let you export a single track for each instrument rather than multiple tracks for each instrument. Upload all tracks into a fresh project and inspect before sending.


If you'll be submitting mixes for mastering, please export your songs as single stereo WAV files. The maximum peak volume of each song must not exceed -6db. Remember to remove all processing from your master bus, but If you mixed with a limiter on, please send a reference track for each song for comparison.