Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to the studio?

Bring your drums, guitars/basses, and guitar pedals. All amps, cabs, and mics are provided.

May I bring food?

Yes, a fridge is provided for your convenience or there’s food located a block away.

How do I prepare my guitar or bass for the studio?

Please have a professional restring and set up your instrument.

All my cymbals are broken, do you have any?

Yes, a wide variety of cymbals are available for your use.

Do I need to replace my drum heads?

Depends. If you plan on using drum samples you don't have to change out your drum heads. If you don't plan on using samples, please change out all drum heads.

What's parking like at the studio?

There is on-street parking for the whole band. Load in can be done from the driveway and into the side door.

Does every member of the band need to be present for all studio days?

No, we only need two members at a time. One to track and one to support. Please schedule accordingly.

What audio services are available?

Pre Production, Producing, tracking, editing, vocal tuning, reamping, mixing, and mastering.

What other services are available?

Play through videos as well as promo and live photos.

What entertainment is provided?

Wi-Fi, PS4, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

What format will our master files be in?

128kb MP3, 320kb MP3, and WAV to cover everything from burning CD's to uploading to iTunes.

How many revisions will I get?

Once a static mix is approved, you'll have 30 days of unlimited free revisions.

Can we invite guests to our session?

You can, but I wouldn't unless you're paying said person to produce or perform.

Do you have drums or guitars/basses we can borrow?

Yes, with prior approval. See our equipment page to see available instruments. Please discuss availabliity and new string gauges/cost first.