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    Pre production, producing, tracking, editing, vocal tuning, reamping, mixing, mastering, and lodging available by request.
    We have on-street parking and a driveway for loading in through the side door. The drum room, studio, and lounge are all in the basement. A band fridge, PS4, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are all provided for your convenience. There is a full kitchen, bathroom, and laundry services available. Feel free to invite friends. There are many great restaurants only minutes away. We won't need every member to be at the studio every day of the tracking process.
    Learn to play to a metronome. All performances must be tracked to a click. Record your live performances or band practices ahead of time to document song structure, tempos, and time signatures. Send those demos to the studio a week before the session.
    Please take your guitars and basses to a professional for a proper setup including new strings, intonation, neck relief, pickup height, string height, and new batteries. Bring enough strings to change out all strings once per day. We have a selection of guitars and basses for use if needed. See the "Backline" page for details. Only bring your guitars and pedals to the studio, we won't need any amps or cabs until we get a little further into the project.
    Get plenty of vocal rest before your studio session. Please do not attempt to change your eating, drinking, or smoking habits. Warm up 30 minutes before your session. Let your vocals rest between tracking sessions. Practice, practice, practice.
    All song structures, tempos, and time signatures should be finalized. Replace as many batter and resonance heads as you can the night before (if not using samples). Bring another member to help with load in, set up, and support as you track. Repair or replace all noisy hardware and broken cymbals. Practice, practice, practice! We have a selection of drums, snares, cymbals, and pedals for use if needed.
    Turn off all effects and plugins on each track and the master bus. Export each track as a single Mono WAV file. Name each track starting with the instrument such as Drum Overhead, Guitar Rhythm, Vocal Lead... Export all tracks for each song starting at the beginning of the song and ending once the song is complete. Better yet, if you can, track all songs in a single session. This will let you export a single track for each instrument rather than multiple tracks for each instrument. Upload all tracks into a fresh project and inspect before sending. Do not send tracks you haven't reviewed.
    When mixing is complete, I will send you one song of your choice for review. Use this track to take notes, compare notes as a band, and assemble me one single list of revisions you'd like made split into two sections. First section is for revisions to make to the entire mix and the second is for specific revisions including timecode. When your first song is complete, I will start on the remaining tracks. Once tracks are submitted, you'll have 30 days to request as many revisions as you'd like. When the entire project is final I will export and send you one high-quality lossless WAV file of each song.
    If you'll be submitting mixes for mastering, please export your songs as single stereo WAV files. The maximum peak volume of each song must not exceed -6db. Remember to remove any limiters from your master bus. Send a reference track for each song with your mastering chain engaged. You will receive a high quality lossless 16bit WAV file of each song.
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