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Once mixing is complete, you'll be given the opportunity to tweak your tracks to your liking.  To do so, please follow these simple steps:

1.  Select a spokesperson from the band to speak on the bands behalf with the recording studio.  All communication needs to come from this one spokesperson via one source such as Facebook messenger.  

2.  Listen to your tracks on at least 3 different stereo systems at 2 different volumes. 

3.  Take a minimum of 24 hours to review your tracks before submitting notes.

4.  Take notes and compare with your band mates.

5.  Once all revisions are compared and agreed upon, submit one set of notes divided into 2 sections.  One for changes to make to all songs and one for changes listed by song including instrument, timecode, issue, and fix.  


All songs

Raise kick volume

Lower vocal effects

By Song

Track 01

Raise guitar solo volume at 1:38

Track 02

Lower tom volume during bridge at 2:49

6.  Depending on project size, you'll have 2-4 weeks of free unlimited revisions.

7.  All revisions will be processed within 2 days of submission.  

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