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Exploring the Gear: A Look Inside Kaotic Studios' Equipment Arsenal


Studios can be used for various purposes including producing beats, composing movie scores, recording bands, or even just writing music. For your next project, pick a studio that has what you need to accomplish your goals. A singer/songwriter requires a completely different studio than a choir would. And a three piece punk band needs a different studio than a hip hop producer would need. Pick a place with the right space, the right vibe, the right gear, and get to work.


Mics aren’t just for vocals and drums, we also use these for stringed instruments, brass instruments, and micing up guitar and bass speaker cabinets. Assembling the right mic locker for our needs is critical. For example: a jazz vocalist requires completely different microphones than a screaming vocalist or a hip hop artist. Our microphones from Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, Audio Technica, and Audix were selected specifically for the rock, punk, and metal vocalists, drummers, and guitar players.


A powerful and reliable computer is a studio must to capture the massive amount of digital information created when recording music. We prioritized stability and functionality when designing this system to match our customer’s needs. Our custom built PC features a fast CPU, more than enough RAM, and more than 50 terabytes of storage space paired up with cloud backup services to save, backup, archive, and protect your music from disasters or hackers.


Just as important as the PC, the interface is the main brain of the studio. The two main functions of an interface are to bring all the audio signals together and convert them into digital information to pass along to the PC. We chose an RME interface because of their stellar standing in the professional audio community for the last 30 years. Their built- in preamps and converters are world-class and never fail.


Just as important as the PC and interface is the studio monitors. Without them, we couldn’t hear what we're recording. The ability to hear every little detail is just as important in the tracking stage as it is when you’re mixing. And a great set of monitors will tell an accurate story of your recordings. This is why we bought Amphion studio montors. They’re an industry leader in the world of professional mixing.

Microphone Pre Amplifiers

These amps are used to boost the level of our microphones. A great amp can really bring out a lot more in a performance than we knew was there. We stocked the studio with clean and transparent amps along with colorful amps with plenty of character. We’ve got amps that pair well with vocals as well as amps that really make the drums smack.

Live Rooms

For vocals and drums, it’s important to choose a room that fits your needs. While vocalists may require a much duller and dead sounding room, drums sound much better in a larger, more explosive “live” room. And somewhere in between is a controlled room to mix your music in. And it doesn’t hurt to make it comfortable to work in. You’ll be spending plenty of hours here so we aim to make the vibe solid.


Don’t underestimate the need for a chill spot to relax. Being comfortable affects your performances. And there’s a lot of waiting that happens in between takes so settle in and make yourself at home. We like to supply plenty of entertainment and amenities to keep our guests comfy while working.


There’s plenty more equipment that makes up a studio but this is a great start. But none of this matters without a competent engineer or producer so choose wisely. We prioritized quality over quantity and functionality over unnecessary overhead when we started designing this studio more than ten years ago. We built this studio with you and your needs in mind. If you don't see something listed here that you’re interested in, just give us a call.

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